About Us


Lanka pets aquatics is one of the largest and oldest company which offers a supreme customer service in the industry of aquatics. Our speciality is to provide our valuable customers, guaranteed quality ornamental fish in marine, fresh and brackish water streams. Also we are specialised to offer the rare quality species from around Sri Lanka, for competitive prices with the best quality fish at any given time.

We regularly import ornamental fish and Red sea fishes from the Maldives as per customer requests to give our customers the best in the Market.

For the marine stream we are using a newly constructed biological filter system in order to maintain the quality standards of the fish.

Our supply chain spreads from the northern part of Sri Lanka to the southern part of the country. This allows us to give a wide range of options to suit our customer needs and expectations.


Team Members

Mr G. J. C Peiris

Managing Director

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Marketing Head

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Senior Employee

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